The advent of LED technology over a decade ago revolutionised the lighting industry across the world. Continuous technological advances have ensured widespread adoption of LED especially in exterior residential and street lighting, and now it is ready to change the future of floodlighting.

LED floodlights provide adequate illumination for stadiums, sporting fields, pathways and streets, delivering an excellent lighting performance. LED floodlights are being used by councils and sporting fields to replace older HID floodlights.

The Briteline Raptor floodlight range from leading Australian lighting specialist Gerard Lighting uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional performance and precision. Featuring a world-first and Australian-designed optical reflector system to house the latest LED chips, the Raptor ensures dedicated asymmetric distribution, which provides better control, lower glare and less spill light, allowing for increased efficiency and reducing the impact on neighbouring properties.

Compliant with Australian lighting standards, the Raptor floodlighting range is recommended for diverse applications from sporting fields, tennis and netball courts to transit hubs and docks. Floodlighting for sports is setting new demands for quality and performance. For example, Rugby Union is required to comply with the Australian Standard – Sports Lighting (AS2560.2.3), which outlines specific minimum requirements on uniformity, glare, spill light and performance. Additionally, sports broadcasting is seeing an increased demand for clear and flicker-free lighting to ensure picture-perfect results for television.

When it comes to smart LED lighting solutions, Briteline Raptor in conjunction with Diginet RAPIX lighting control systems provides total control with remote internet based monitoring, scheduling, user auditing and billing capabilities. RAPIX lighting control can also facilitate multi-field, multi-site control and monitoring.