Gerard Lighting made a significant contribution to The International Towers development in Barangaroo, one of the world’s foremost waterfront urban renewal projects that also showcases Sydney as Australia’s gateway to the world.

Gerard Lighting was commissioned by LendLease to create a highly energy efficient LED luminaire that combined functional and sustainable objectives with an aesthetic design that complemented its environment.

The client’s brief sought “... a distinctive luminaire solution that required lighting design of lumen efficiency, lumen maintenance and glare control... had to create a better working environment, require minimum maintenance and attain a Green Star sustainability rating.”

The design of the PIERLITE GenLED One, created specifically for the ITS development, was conceptualised by Gerard Lighting as a basic diffused style luminaire. Following photometric testing and design validation, the luminaire evolved to include a stylised louvre to share the intensity distribution for glare control and output efficiency.

Typically, a similar project can take up to 18 months to be realised; Gerard Lighting accomplished it in just 8 months, thanks to focused collaboration between the engineering, procurement, production, sales and logistics departments within the lighting company.

The PIERLITE GenLED One LED luminaire incorporates a central module designed to provide the right amount of light in the space to meet AS1680 requirements as well as stand apart visually from traditional linear solutions. The side panel is illuminated at a lower wattage to soften the overall intensity of the luminaire, while pushing light back onto the ceiling to give the appearance of an open, bright and warm environment.

The recessed office luminaire complies with Green Star and UGR requirements, and offers best-in-class energy efficiency, setting a new benchmark for form and function in the 21st century.

The International Towers Sydney is the largest commercial office installation of LED lighting in the Asia Pacific region.