George Fethers and Co. Architectural  supply architectural, commercial and residential glass products. For more than ten decades, George Fethers have been a part of the glass industry in Australia. The product range includes PPG Glass and Sage-EC switchable glass. Since 1917, George Fethers has been the nation’s sole representative of PPG Industries.

George Fethers and Co. Architectural’s PPG Glass product, Solarban Solar Control Low-E 60 coated glass, is manufactured to control solar heat gain and to decrease cooling cost. The Sungate 500 coated Low-E insulating glass unit sends out high levels of inert solar energy, improving thermal performance and minimising indirect solar heat gain.

The ‘Oceans of Colour’ palette from George Fethers and Co. Architectural is kept for the “high performance” spectrally-choosy, tinted glass products. These products offer a low solar heat gain as required with high visible light transmittance and coefficient for buildings in a variety of creative colours.

Caribia Glass from George Fethers and Co. Architectural is available in beautiful aqua-green and naturally blends with the surroundings to produce attractive commercial structures. Caribia Glass has qualities similar to the selective glass products with solar heat gain coefficient of 0.50 and visible light transmission of 67 per cent.