Available from George Fethers and Company , BASWAphon acoustic insulation features a smooth, plaster-like finish that absorbs sound at different frequencies. 

Two layers of rendered material and a base insulating board are used for installation, creating a seamless acoustic insulation that cab be used on walls, ceilings and curved surfaces. 

The flexibility and colour options mean BASWAphon enables acoustic treatment to become an architectural feature previously unavailable to the Australian market.

To retain open-porousness the acoustic insulation coating mass is dyed and if a more intense colour is required the foundation coating may also have to be dyed. Most colours in the Corbusier and NCS ranges can be applied, although due to certain limits exact colours required may not be achieved. 

BASWAphon acoustic insulation has impressive performance properties and can substantially reduce airborne sound in a room. The thickness of the construction affects the performance and this is adjustable.

BASWAphon acoustic insulation is constructed from:

  • BASWAphon Top Covering Layer
  • BASWAphon 407 Foundation Layer
  • BASWAphon Supporting Panel
  • Adhesive
  • Background – either timber or concrete