The General Mat Company ’s Multi-Guard entrance mat is designed to keep dirt, sand and snow out of commercial, industrial and public buildings.

Multi-Guard features a surface of flexible rubber fingers designed to actively remove debris from shoes and boots before it can spoil expensive carpets or pose a contamination or safety hazard in shops, offices, factories, classrooms, workshops and transport terminals.

According to Managing Director Michael SiegleMulti-Guard is effective in both summer and winter, scraping off dry debris that builds up in summer and stopping grit entering in winter to absorb moisture and become slippery. Prevention is cheaper than cure. If is far more costly to remove dirt once it has been tracked into a building than it is to prevent it getting there in the first place.

Once dirt is allowed into a building and become ingrained, it can cost $1000 a kilogram to remove and there are OHS hazards too. If dirt or grit gets mixed up with water in eating, processing or display areas, it becomes a major factor in slip and fall accidents. Such accidents are a major source of workers compensation and public liability claims. Michael Siegle has been testified as an expert witness on underfoot health and safety matters in court hearings of such claims.

Multi-Guard is easily cleaned by shaking or hosing. It is available in standard sizes of 600mm x 800mm, 800mm x 1000mm and 900mm x 1500mm.