Pluvia siphonic drainage systems from Geberit use a combination of gravity-induced vacuuming, HDPE pipes and fittings, an engineered fastening system, and a professional support package to provide accurate and effective drainage for any type of roof. The drainage system is space saving, cost effective and long lasting.

Pluvia siphonic roof drainage systems from Geberit can be used in residential, industrial, commercial and leisure facilities in areas as small as 50 square metres, and as big as 186,000 square metres. Roof shapes do not compromise the effectiveness of the roof drainage system and can be used on flat, shed-type, pitch, dome and arched roofs.

Application of the siphonic roof drainage system is simple due to a specially designed roof outlet which control the patterns of discharge and prevents air from entering the system. Custom manufactured roof drainage systems are also available for high rainfall areas.

Geberit’s Pluvia roof drainage system uses unique calculation software which includes a comprehensive package of utilities to calculate the most complex roof projects. The software package is simple to install and use, and is very timesaving. Features include:

  • Isometric drawings
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Material lists
  • Cost calculations