Geberit  recently supplied their sanitary piping systems for a green home project in Brisbane.  

Designed by Riddel Architecture, the Hill End Ecohouse employed green materials and practices from the dismantling of the existing house on the site to the final landscaping work.  

The design brief for the Hill End Ecohouse was to produce the greenest home possible in every aspect. The design was inspired by the topography of the site and incorporated passive design principles such as natural daylighting as well as passive heating and cooling through sun control and natural ventilation.  

Key features of the Hill End Ecohouse include: 

  • Solar-passive, energy-efficient design with a series of private spaces along its axis to increase the ingress of warm winter sun and cooling summer breeze
  • Building planned for adaptable use with several living/sleeping zones that can operate separately or as a single unit
  • Materials palette, generous roof overhangs, awnings, doors and window openings reflect local building traditions in a contemporary way
  • Light and airy internal spaces to create a restful environment with subtle textures and colours
  • All living spaces in the Ecohouse open onto garden areas to increase their sense of space and admit cooling breeze
  • Use of lush planting also provides privacy on this narrow site
  • 80% of the materials from the demolished house was re-used in the Ecohouse to minimise transportation energy, reduce embodied energy and retain the history of the original home

Sustainability features of the Ecohouse design: 

  • Energy generation and conservation
  • Water collection, reticulation and recycling
  • Recycled content in construction materials
  • Durability and low maintenance through materials selection and detailing
  • Design features, materials and products were assessed for environmental, social and economic sustainability credentials
  • Completed new building has an overall recycled content of 75%
  • Many of the fixtures, fittings and lights were sourced locally
  • House is completely self-sufficient in water and electricity thanks to 70,000L of rainwater storage and 3.2kW of solar panels

Geberit’s piping systems

Most of the drainage pipework and components were supplied by Geberit: 

  • Acoustic pipes (PP-SK) to run in cavities surrounding the kitchen, media room and  store room 
  • PP-HT push-fit for above ground applications
  • PP-KG mineral reinforced push-fit to all below-ground drainage applications

Riddel Architecture  

Riddel Architecture is a Queensland firm with over 25 years of experience in delivering high quality design solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients and the built environment.  

The company has considerable expertise in contemporary architecture and heritage conservation.  

Their approach is guided by an in-depth understanding of local history and the built environment to create highly sustainable buildings that respond to their context and climate while making a valuable contribution to the community.