Drainage systems from Geberit helped the developer of a new resort-style high rise apartment project in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane maximise usable space.

Designed by Eldenberg Fraser and developed by GURNER, Flatiron has become one of Brisbane's most iconic buildings. Geberit's drainage systems Pluvia and Sovent were chosen over conventional solutions, helping the developer gain an estimated additional 92 square metres of space that would have otherwise been lost.

The challenge: Restricted apartment ceilings

Good design plays a vital role in creating functional and stylish homes in more compact spaces, with developers seeking to maximise their return on usable space. Based on the landmark building of the same name in New York City, Flatiron offers more than 250 design-centric single- and two-bedroom residences over 25 storeys, with a communal pool, private spa facilities, a cinema, and dining rooms.

The ceilings in the apartments and bathrooms presented a major challenge with multiple services installed within the space. Rob McAllister of Axis Plumbing explained that they needed to consider flexible design parameters, which would still allow full functionality of the hydraulic systems.

The Solution: Geberit Pluvia and Sovent

Geberit's innovative drainage systems Pluvia and Sovent offered a space-saving solution to the developers.

The Pluvia siphonic roof drainage system reduced the number of downpipes from 21 to 3 and the number of floor penetrations from 525 to 75.

Additionally, the economical Sovent system, which has a smaller pipe diameter and doesn’t need parallel ventilation, made it possible to gain 61 per cent more space, equalling 92 square metres or an additional apartment.

According to Rob McAlister, Geberit Sovent allowed them to install the drainage system without extra pipework for venting and back venting. This enabled them to use smaller hydraulic service risers, reduced penetrating slabs and decreased costs for the surrounding passive fire protection.

He added that Geberit’s products and technical support were far superior to the competitors' solutions; Geberit’s consistent brand strategy and reputation as a proven performer with many years of experience also helped them with the decision to specify these products.

Key benefits of Geberit Sovent multi-storey drainage pipe systems include reduced pneumatic and hydraulic pressure; versatile branch joining possibilities; reduced stack sizes; simplified design of domestic water stacks; up to six connections allowed on one multiple branch fitting; and zero maintenance.