Geberit concealed cisterns were specified for installation at the Wivenhoe Dam water reserve near Brisbane, to replace the aging fittings at the facility. Geberit concealed cisterns were installed at the refurbished toilet complex of the popular camping and recreational facility located 80 kilometres north of Brisbane.

Geberit Sigma8 concealed cisterns were selected to replace 18 cisterns and one urinal cistern, all approximately 30 years old.

Seqwater Council commissioned civil and commercial plumbing contractor, Hewitt Plumbing for the toilet refurbishment project. Lead plumber for the project, Matt Brown said that one of the considerations for the refurbishment was the remote location of the dam in the environmentally sensitive area. A malfunctioning cistern, for instance, could result in wastage of precious water for days before repairs are carried out.

Matt added that maintenance costs were always a consideration, and in this case, the remote location of the dam was also a challenge for any potential maintenance issues.

A major advantage in the selection of Geberit’s Sigma8 for the refurbishment was the straightforward installation of the concealed cisterns, which helped to reduce renovation costs and time. Since Geberit’s cisterns were installed behind the wall, there was no need to re-tile the front of the wall, resulting in additional cost savings.

Sigma Care Dual Flush buttons were chosen because of the durable components and also because the existing flush plate cut-out could be used without alteration. The use of Geberit HDPE flush pipes (included in the cistern package) meant the existing floor drainage didn’t need to be relocated to suit the installation of the new S-trap pans.