Cisterns from Geberit address the aesthetic, functional and sustainable requirements of modern bathroom designs.
Contemporary bathrooms face space challenges, therefore finding even just a few extra square centimetres can significantly reduce mental clutter and increase relaxation.
Geberit’s in-wall cisterns for instance, create a seamless aesthetic as well as provide a way to maximise space in the bathroom. Integrating the functional element of the toilet into the wall is the ideal space-saving solution.
However, for those bathrooms with finished wall linings or where an in-wall installation is not feasible, Geberit offers a slimline exposed cistern called the Monolith.
Geberit cisterns offer a sophisticated range of design options including flush actuators in pneumatic electronic or mechanical options and push plates in virtually limitless possibilities of shape, colour and finish, allowing the homeowner to personalise this small, but subtle element of the bathroom.
Very importantly, Geberit’s systems also deliver long-term economic benefits with their sustainable features including water-saving dual-flush options and WELS rating with 4 stars for the 4.5L/3L tank and 3 stars for 6L/3L.