Leading Swiss brand Geberit has introduced a new touchless flush plate to create the ultimate touch-free bathroom experience.

Designed by celebrated Swiss designer Daniel Irányi, the innovative Geberit Sigma80 is a touch-free, glass electronic flush plate that operates with the wave of the user’s hand.

The Geberit Sigma80 touchless flush plate combines cutting-edge technology and superior style to create a heightened bathroom experience for the user.

The touchless flush plate uses ingenious sensors, different colour settings for personalisation and even an automatic standby mode to minimise electricity consumption.

The concept of the touchless bathroom has prevailed in public spaces in many parts of the world for many years. The improvements in technology, design and seamless integration have resulted in increased popularity of automatic sensor tapware and soap dispensers, influencing the evolution of new designs in the Australian market.

Reece Bathroom Marketing Manager, Belinda Geels explains that homeowners are recognising the benefits offered by these public spaces and are looking for products to emulate the same touch-free bathroom experience. This demand has led to designers and manufacturers incorporating technology to heighten the bathroom experience from the point of view of aesthetics as well as practical use.

Key features of Geberit Sigma80 touchless flush plates:

  • Actuator plate available in reflective or black glass
  • Ingenious sensors on the plate respond to motion
  • Flushing mechanism is activated by waving the hand in front of the full or half light field
  • Choice of five different lighting colours allows personalisation to suit specific bathroom styles
  • Automatic standby mode minimises electricity consumption