Automated gate systems are a popular choice for securing different kinds of properties across the residential, commercial and industrial segments. Gate automation delivers convenience and security while adding value to the property.

However, careful planning is necessary when selecting an automated gate system; to make the correct selection, it is important to focus on finding a qualified automated gate supplier first.

There are several qualities that one should look for in an automated gate supplier. The gate automation provider should offer integrated service delivery, a full range of products and systems, quick response and fast turnaround times, highly qualified technicians, reliable service guarantees and an established reputation.

Suppliers offering integrated service delivery

Choose an automated gate supplier that provides the assurance of integrated service delivery covering planning, design conceptualisation, installation, and service. The right supplier will recommend automated gate systems based on the buyer’s need and not what they want to sell. The end-to-end support will cover supply, installation and long-term service for maintenance and repair.

Suppliers offering a full range of automated gate systems and accessories

Access gates might need additional security features such as card and transmitter programming, parts, access cards, and transmitters. The customer should be able to buy automated gate systems and allied products from the same supplier instead of having to go to different suppliers. In addition to the convenience of dealing with only one supplier, the buyer can also ensure that all the products are compatible.

Suppliers offering quick response and quicker turnaround times on enquiries

Check the supplier’s customer service policy and turnaround time for requests, concerns, and enquiries. Get the assurance of a supplier that will provide service and support for the long-term.

Suppliers offering highly qualified technicians or employees

Choose a company that is staffed by trained and experienced technicians who are up-to-date on the latest technology and safety issues, and can address the buyer’s requirements. Check whether the supplier provides continuous education and training to their technicians. This guarantees access to the best technicians for installation of automated gate systems, repair of existing equipment, and programming of security systems.

Suppliers with clear service agreements, warranty, guarantee, and repair policies

Read the fine print. A good automated gate supplier will have service agreements that will minimise downtime of the security system.

Suppliers with a good reputation and established business

If correctly installed and maintained, the automated gate system will provide years of trouble-free convenience and additional security for the property. Choose a supplier who will be able to provide service throughout the life of the gate system.

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