Residential and commercial establishments are constantly seeking reliable and effective security systems for their properties. Automated gate systems are very popular in these establishments because of their ability to address multiple problems from privacy and security to aesthetics and insurance.

6 problems that automated gate systems will solve:

Lack of privacy

Privacy is a very important factor in residential properties; preventing easy access to the home is one way to safeguard this privacy. Automated gate systems can add a strong layer of privacy to the property by preventing the entry of unauthorised visitors. Privacy also enhances the exclusivity of the building; therefore, having an automated gate system can increase the value of the property in terms of higher rentals or selling prices.

Crime and unauthorised access

Automated gate systems are the property owner’s first line of defence by serving as a barrier to keep criminals, vandals and unwanted visitors out. By preventing access to unauthorised foot and vehicle traffic, automated gates also save the homeowner money by eliminating the need to hire security guards. Also from a security aspect, automated gate systems allow the homeowner to identify the person at the gate and control the operation of the gate without getting out of the house.

Lack of visual appeal

Available in a variety of designs, automated gates can aesthetically complement the property, and can also be customised to match the colour of the fence or facade. These gates also raise the aesthetic value and add a certain level of sophistication to the property, making it easier to lease or sell.


Manually-operated gates are inconvenient as they need to be physically locked and unlocked every time. An automated gate can be easily opened and closed with just a click of a button without even alighting from the vehicle, a great convenience especially on a rainy day. Automated gates also limit access to the property only to those who have the key.

Pet and child safety

Automated gate systems not only block the entry of unwanted visitors into the property, they also prevent pets and children from leaving the property without anyone knowing about it. Keeping pets and children within the property will help them avoid accidents on the street. Automated gates will also prevent damage to the property from animals or vandals.

High insurance rates

All property owners have to take insurance on their homes, which can be very costly. However, some insurance providers may be willing to give the homeowner a better deal on policies when automated gates are installed because they provide additional security to the property.
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