Garde Timber  is a timber merchant based in Brisbane, specialising in native hardwood slabs Garde Timber sources its timber from rural and urban land-clearings and from sustainably managed native forests. Garde Timber sources large hardwood logs meant for landfill, burning or woodchip and salvage them to generate the magnificent stock of rare timbers that Garde Timber have on offer.

Garde Timber caters to all residential and commercial applications ranging from construction to cabinet making. Garde Timber offer slab-dressing services whereby they level and sand the timber slabs up to 3.8 metre length by 1.5 metre width. Garde Timber also provides fine sanding services on request. Cutting services are also available for docking to length and edge ripping.

Slab surface filling services are also available from Garde Timber. Garde Timber fills up bug holes, gum pockets or knotholes with clear or coloured epoxy resin for a smooth and natural finish. Natural Edges can then be prepared by sanding and shaping.

Garde Timber can deliver timber products anywhere in Australia. Garde Timber provides quality Timber Procurement services for hard to find timber from its network of many suppliers and private saw millers, wholesalers and merchants.