Available from Garageworks , storeWALL rugged metal storage baskets provide enormous storage value. They have been designed to endure the rigors of daily use and without compromising on functionality.

All storage baskets feature the storeWALL all-metal CamLokT that ensures items are securely stored on the wall. These wire baskets can be used to store numerous items such as sports equipment, tools or muddy shoes and boots.

storeWALL metal storage baskets also have a life time warranty.

The range of rugged metal storage baskets available include:

  • Deep Basket – Measuring 240mm (H) x 610mm (W) x 305mm (D) with a load rating of 27.2kgs. Ideal for a range of items that need to be stored out of the range of children
  • Shallow Basket – Measuring 133mm (H) x 610mm (W) x 305mm (D) with a load rating of 22.6kgs. Ideal for tools and supplies
  • Mesh and big mesh baskets for storage of athletic equipment
  • Bike rack and basket for storage of bikes, bike equipment and helmets
  • Sports rack and basket for storing sports balls, bats, shoes and accessories
  • Garden rack and basket that is removable and portable for the storage of garden tools and seeds