Available from Garageworks , ProGarage recycled rubber flooring is a long-lasting and stylish alternative to paint, epoxy or other concrete surface coatings.

ProGarage rubber flooring is manufactured from recycled rubber tyres, plastic and fibreglass and is able to endure heavy vehicle operation while remaining easy to maintain.

This recycled rubber flooring features a smooth epoxy finish while the airtight assembly completely seals the floor. This makes ProGarage particularly resistant to bacteria, stains, chemicals, salt erosion, and transmission and automotive fluids as well as moisture, mould and abrasions.

ProGarage recycled rubber flooring is suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications and offers slip resistance, acoustic insulation and minimal environmental impact.

Recycled rubber flooring is available in a selection of colours including:

  • Black Marble
  • Harley Mix
  • Ivory Travertine
  • Silver Oak
  • Brazilian Walnut
  • Autumn Slate
  • Peppercorn Hickory
  • Cinnamon Maple
  • Bronze Pecan