Garageworks  is an Australian company offering organisation and storage solutions for garages. They help create useful space out of a garage by using storeWALL which is a patented wall panel system.

Garageworks has launched a range of Lifestyle Garages, which are chosen carefully and appointed with storage and organisation components appropriate to that particular Lifestyle. The lifestyle options include classic garage, automobile garage, gardening garage, sports garage and workshop garage.

The classic garage is designed for first-time home owners with provision to store new home gadgets and sports gear. Automobile garage is created with heavy duty panels from storeWALL, with easily cleanable vinyl flooring. The cabinets by Sturdi-Steel are chosen for creating storage capacities.

The gardening garage features Global Pine storeWALL, with brown laminate cabinets and a tan garage floor to match the earthy tones. A plotting table and strong shelves for easy tool access make gardening work a breeze.

For the sports garage a grey, waterproof, heavy duty panel is used. A garage workbench, moulded cabinets, hooks (to hold up skis etc) and heavy duty brackets (to hold items such as Kayaks) are also featured. The final choice in this range is the workshop garage. With a range of accessories to hold and store all the tools and gadgets, this garage is an ideal way to keep an organised workshop.