Garageworks  provide Hyloft, an overhead modular storage system. The Hyloft overhead modular storage systems are safe, secure and easy to install.

The Hyloft overhead storage systems can be installed in garages, carports, children’s playrooms, pantries, laundries or any space with enough ceiling height. The shelves allow seldom used items to be stored overhead and out of the way. The boxes are labelled to identify the stored items. Items are kept safe and dry to avoid damage caused by insects or rodents.

The Hyloft overhead storage system is made of lightweight steel and is powder-coated. The storage system is adjustable with the available space and does not interfere with the overhead garage doors and automatic openers. The storage system frees up space intended for cars, boats, caravans and other general items.

The Hyloft overhead storage system has the following features:

  • Multiple units for easy connection to maximize storage
  • Fast, easy, one-person installation
  • Hardware for installation
  • Installed on finished or unfinished ceilings
  • Attractive, scratch resistant finishes
  • Made of strong, durable steel