The Dynotile, available from Garageworks , is a new tile product designed to meet all garage and concrete floor covering and tiling needs.

Created for people who want a durable covering for their concrete floor that is easy to install, this tile is the suitable way to cover up the traditional concrete and stain-ridden garage floors.

Homeowners can create a customised, showroom look and feel in their garages at an affordable price - giving them something to show off when they lift that garage door.

Made of a special polymer, Dynotile provides an ideal blend of strength and shock absorption. The polymer maintains industrial strength durability while providing noise dampening and anti-fatigue properties.

The ideal overlocking feature of Dynotile ensures that dirt and spills stay on top of the tile therefore making cleanups quicker and easier. The Dynotile is also resistant to water, stains, chemicals, fire and UV rays.

The sides of the tile encourage airflow below the tiles to help prevent problems that may arise from moisture in the sub-surface.

In addition the tiles honeycomb support structure provides enough strength to withstand the heaviest vehicle traffic, while providing a calculated amount of give for a more cushioned feel.


  • A durable, lightweight and long-lasting floor system designed to give a clean professional garage
  • Built to handle extreme loads
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Resistant to water, many household chemicals, stains
  • Fire and UV ray resistant
  • Insulates against coldness and dampness
  • Reduces amount of dirt tracked into home
  • Slip resistant
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to install, simply interlock tiles to make any size floor
  • Easy to clean
  • Cushioned feel for more comfort when walking or working

The Dynotile is not only an ideal covering for any garage, it is also an ideal floor covering for any exercise, basement or hobby room, industrial warehouse, expo or tradeshow floor, outdoor deck or even an airplane hangar.

The Dynotile is also a great flooring solution if you are trying to cover up old, damaged or faded surfaces such as wood or linoleum.