GarageSmart Asia Pacific  supplies space saving storage solutions to the Australasian market. The highly versatile space saving storage solutions from GarageSmart Asia Pacific come with removable hooks, baskets and other accessories that enable the product to be reorganised to suit the changing storage needs of the house without any hassle.

Installing a storage solution from GarageSmart Asia Pacific is possible in three easy steps. Customers just need to call up GarageSmart Asia Pacific and briefly describe their requirements. GarageSmart Asia Pacific will then select a consultant based on the requirements of the customer and fix an appointment with the customer.

The consultant will visit the house of the customer, discuss the proposed solution with the client, and upon the customers’ assent, schedule an installation at a convenient time.

The installation team from GarageSmart Asia Pacific is completely briefed about the installation before they visit the customers’ premises. This ensures a smooth, hassle free and professional installation.

Most of the installations of the space saving solutions are completed within the working hours of a day. The SmartWall from GarageSmart Asia Pacific forms the backbone for the storage solution and it hold the baskets, hooks, shelves and accessories together. The SmartWall reorganise the garage or home storage solution as often as per the changing needs.