Garage Door & Gate Solutions  is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of garage doors in Australia. Over the years, Garage Door & Gate Solutions’ the high quality workmanship and products has helped create a very good name for the company.

Garage Door & Gate Solutions supplies a range of tilt doors. Tilt doors are rigid doors that are balanced by one-piece extension spring or counter-weights and swing out and up as they open.

Garage Door & Gate Solutions provides two types of spring balanced hinges for the spring doors the Jamb hinges suit doors up to 90 kilograms in weight. The tack hinges suit doors up to 2740mm high. Counter-weight balanced hinges are used for doors that are too high or heavy for spring hinges. Counter-weight balanced hinges are custom engineered for the door panel.

Tilt doors from Garage Door & Gate Solutions are made from a wide variety of materials, colours, textures and designs. All tilt door frames supplied by Garage Door & Gate Solutions are custom made to suit the size and cladding used on the door.

The B&D Flex-A-Door is the ideal door in places with a low ceilings or restrictions in front of the door. The garage door openers from Garage Door & Gate Solutions are attached to garage doors and using the power of an electric motor, open and close the garage door at the touch of a button.