Galvin Engineering’s Ezy-Drink range of drinking bubblers, faucets and taps is manufactured in Australia to suit our tough conditions.

The range is approved by SAI Global to Australian Standard AS3496. Several 45 degree bubblers are also approved by the NSW Dept of Education & Training to the School Facilities Standard.

All taps and bubblers are fitted with unique flow regulators to ensure you receive constant flow regardless of pressure. This, coupled with the self-closing action of the taps and bubblers, means they have received ‘AAA’ approval for water efficiency, ensuring you save heaps in excess water bills.

Bubblers are available in horizontal, 45 degree, vertical and remote configurations. The 45 degree models come with a tough metal mouthguard, while all other options come with a special rubber mouthguard.

This unique rubber mouthguard has been specially designed to protect teeth, especially in the school playground. It is made from a nitrile compound, which is approved to AS4020, to ensure it has a high resistance to fungal and bacterial attack. This approval also ensures the water keeps its natural taste and colour. The rubber compound used has a high degree of saturation, which ensures the unit has a greater resistance to sunlight and environmental aging. GE – Australian Quality You Can Rely On!