Pressure reduction valves from Galvin Engineering offer a really compact fit, according to recent feedback from the market.

The exceptionally compact fit of the PRV15-50 pressure reduction valves allows tight installations to be accommodated.

Designed specifically to protect a number of installations against excessive supply pressure, PRV15-50 pressure reduction valves feature a full brass body and head, but maintain very good flow rates.

PRV15-50 pressure reduction valves are used in applications where there is high water pressure on water lines causing water hammer and noise in the plumbing systems. The valves are also used in industrial and commercial installations.

Key features of PRV15-50 pressure reduction valves:

  • Protects installations against excessive supply pressure
  • Reduces water consumption and avoids damage due to pressurisation  
  • Constant pressure is maintained and flow noise is minimised  
  • Downstream regulating pressure: from 100kPa to 600kPa
  • Available dimensions: 15mm, 20mm and 25mm
  • Can be installed in any position and is serviceable in-line
  • Exceptional compact fit enabling tight installations to be accommodated