GalvinClear lead free technology has been incorporated into the Galvin Specialised Ezy-Drink® Drinking Tap range to provide consumers with a premium choice of drinking bubblers.  Fabricated using high grade 316 stainless steel, the taps are 100% lead free with an exquisite brushed satin finish, making them stylish and functional.

Manufactured in our Western Australian factory using state-of-the art technology, the GalvinClear Ezy-Drink® Drinking taps feature a number of benefits such as exceptional resistance to vandalism and harsh environmental conditions, such as the corrosive effects found near salt and seawater. The new GalvinClear bubblers are the safe and robust choice for schools, beachside amenities, surf clubs and boating facilities.

The distinguishable blue buttons indicate a safe drinking temperature. In addition, the adjustable flow control valve ensures adjustments can be made and completed on-site, providing proper height and water volume for easy drinking.

The high-tech Piezo electronic bubbler tap was developed for applications such as schools and public areas where taps can remain unused for extended periods, such as over weekends and school holidays.  Available in either mains or battery powered versions, the tap can be set to purge at pre-determined intervals to ensure water flushes through the pipes and does not become stagnant.  This reduces the risk of metals leaching into the water from the upstream plumbing system, and assists in minimising the risk of bacteria, such as legionella, growing.

The clever Piezo switch is vandal resistant and easy to operate via simple touch activation. This makes it ideal for kindergartens and pre-schools as no force is required by the child to activate the tap.

The GalvinClear Ezy-Drink® drinking bubbler taps are low maintenance and ultra durable, ensuring running costs are minimal.

With rising concerns about lead in water and questions being raised about the safety of tapware in Australia, GalvinClear Ezy-Drink® lead free tapware provides the ultimate choice to put the public’s mind at ease.

This is another innovation by Galvin Engineering as part of the promise to design and manufacture water solutions for a healthier environment.