A tapware solution from Galvin Engineering has helped the University of Queensland resolve a long-term problem at their Biosciences Precinct.

John Ford, Maintenance Officer of the Biosciences Precinct at the University of Queensland was faced with the continuous failure of ceramic cartridges in the tapware. When discussions with the existing tapware supplier were going nowhere, John shared the problem with his colleague Alan Carmichael, Engineering Project Officer Hydraulics QU, who recommended consulting with Galvin Engineering.

After working closely with the University and understanding the problem, Galvin was able to offer a number of solutions including fortifying the ceramic cartridges; inserting stainless steel pins in the handles to stop over-rotation; using jumper valve cartridges; and shortening levers to reduce the pressure when opening and closing.

After being advised about the solutions, UQ opted to replace the existing tapware with Galvin Engineering's lever action basin sets featuring jumper valves.

The University can now boast of quality tapware and a reliable manufacturer focussed on supporting their goal of reducing whole of life costs.

Galvin Engineering tapware has since been installed into other QU projects including Gatton Veterinary Sciences, Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence and Tetra Q.