Galvin Engineering  has supplied their Safe Cell range of prison wastes for a key South Australia strategic health initiative at the Glenside campus. The State Government has invested more than $300 million to redevelop the campus.  

Galvin Engineering's Safe Cell prison wastes were specified for the project due to their anti-ligature design.

Safe Cell wastes are designed to help address the risk of suicide and breach in mental and correctional facilities. Working in partnership with the Department of Corrections, Galvin Engineering has designed grates that additionally feature anti-crocodile roll, making it physically impossible to get any purchase on the grate.

The plumbing contractor was initially planning to install non-specified anti-ligature grates where self-harm was a real risk. Galvin Engineering’s local technical representative raised the issue with all key stakeholders including the plumber, architect, hydraulic consultant and the South Australian Department of Health.

Following a review, the Safe Cell wastes were specified for the project to mitigate the agreed risk.

Galvin Engineering believes that all industries, especially unique sectors such as aged care, corrections, education and health must specify products that are designed with the end user’s needs in mind. This is achieved by having key products specified in partnership with the architects, consultants and specialist user groups.