Galvin Engineering has introduced the CliniLever tapware range specifically designed for use in hospitals and aged care facilities.  

Australian designed and manufactured, the CliniLever tapware range is part of Galvin Engineering’s initiative to provide reliable and sustainable products that reduce whole-of-life costs while supporting the high usage demand and infection control programs in modern healthcare environments.  

Featuring a smooth flowing design, the CliniLever tapware range covers surgical, basin, sink and shower set requirements with options of 80mm or 150mm handles in ceramic or jumper valve designs.  

The unique option of front-of-wall isolation in the CliniLever taps allows easy maintenance by providing a practical and quicker way to shut down each tap.  

Key advantages of CliniLever taps:  

  • Easy to reach lever handles allow the use of elbow or wrist to activate the water flow, minimising contamination   
  • Contemporary wall-mount design with smooth lines allows easy cleaning and reduces water droplet formation  
  • Smart design for infection control helps minimise bacteria growth, build of scale and other TDS 
  • Horizontal angled spout reduces water becoming trapped and stagnant 
  • Easy to maintain wall mounted range enables easy water supply shut-off, allowing the water to be isolated at the tap 
  • Water saving design