Galvin Engineering presents a vandal-resistant range of electronic hands free tapware specifically designed for use in commercial and semi-public washrooms.

The Galvin Conti range of electronic hands free tapware offers the assurance of quality, durability and reliability; the hygienic and stylish washroom solutions are also highly economical in operation with water flowing only when required. The touch-free operation saves up to 70% water, helping reduce the operating costs for water and energy.

Solar powered options are sustainable, contributing to a greener environment and lowering operating expenses.

Galvin Conti electronic hands free tapware features intelligent sensors that detect the presence of the user’s hands and control water flow from the taps automatically and safely. The intuitive and self-adjusting sensors automatically assess the surroundings and program the tap.

Galvin’s hands free tapware is additionally designed for easy maintenance with all serviceable parts accessible from the top of the tap body using one tool.