The innovative GalvinCare Safe-Connect shower system from Galvin Engineering is an anti-ligature shower solution ideal for mental health facilities.

The GalvinCare Safe-Connect shower system delivers multiple benefits to protected mental health environments, helping with patient care, comfort and safety.

Here are 5 reasons why:

Labour and maintenance savings

The GalvinCare Safe-Connect shower system replaces four fixtures – showerhead, shower diverter, handheld shower including wall connector and adaptor, and shower mixer. By integrating all the fixtures in a single unit, Safe-Connect ensures reduced labour during installation and minimal ongoing maintenance, resulting in savings.

Easy retrofit

The Safe-Connect shower system can simply replace the existing showerhead, eliminating any need for extra water lines, cutting walls or retiling.

Supports assisted showering

The AS/NZS 3662 approved GalvinCare mental health anti-ligature Safe-Connect shower system supports caregivers by simplifying assisted showering. When not in use, the handheld shower can be easily disconnected and removed from the room to prevent self-harm by patients.

Safer care environment

With anti-ligature and anti-vandal features, the GalvinCare Safe-Connect shower system minimises risk and offers a safe environment for both carers and patients.

Creating home-like environments

Studies have shown that patients with behavioural issues experience better healing outcomes if they are in a home-like environment. The chrome-plated design of GalvinCare Safe-Connect is similar in appearance to a typical residential showerhead, helping to create a familiar and comfortable environment for the patient.