Galvin Design , part of the Galvin Group, engages itself in the procurement of quality plumbing and hardware products. Galvin Design identifies and evaluates suppliers of plumbing and hardware accessories globally and delivers quality products to potential customers. Galvin Design offers a portfolio of plumbing and hardware products.

Galvin Design offers a wide range of quality plumbing accessories and hardware products. Galvin Design sources accessories which are mainly used for bathroom applications, water tap fitting, sanitary application, cupboard finishing, kitchen application, laundry & shower application, decorative sheeting, handles & knobs and furniture finishing. The on line gallery of Galvin Design, the Galvin Design Gallery, offers several online services to its target group.

In addition to the existing rangeof plumbing and hardware products, Galvin Design has also sourced a range of additional products used in sanitary application, decorative sheeting and furniture finishing. This additional range of products are featured as latest arrivals of Galvin Design in the market.