Gale Pacific  is involed in the manufacture and distribution of polymer fabrics such as knitted fabrics, PVC coated mesh fabrics and coated waterproof fabrics. Gale Pacific products are used in a range of consumer and industrial applications, including retail and home furnishing, agribusiness, architectural and construction.

The products manufactured by Gale Pacific, protect people and outdoor environment from harmful UV rays, hail and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, Gale Pacific products also help to improve efficiency of agribusiness by aiding in crop protection and water conservation. Use of Gale Pacific products enhances design and construction of buildings.

Presently, Gale Pacific products are available in Australia, the USA, Europe, Middle East, New Zealand and numerous other export markets. Gale Pacific products are mainly manufactured in its modern facilities in Ningbo, China. However, some Gale Pacific products are also manufactured in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Gale Pacific retail products are marketed across the world under the brand name, ‘Coolaroo’. Gale Pacific products are also available in a broad range of advanced polymer fabrics which are used in commercial and industrial applications. These are marketed under the brand name ‘Synthesis’.