Gainsborough Hardware Industries offers a wide range of lever locksets designed to complement the home while keeping property and occuapants secure and safe.

Customers can purchase Gainsborough lever locksets from the Stronghold or Contractor series, each of which has lever locksets available in entrance, privacy, passage and dummy functions to coordinate all doors throughout the home, both interior and exterior.

Stronghold 800 series Majestic lever locksets are designed to add elegance to interior and exterior doors, while the Contractor 500 series Ambassador lever locksets feature a stylish, non-handed lever design for the contemporary home.

The entrance lever lockset in both series allows the door to be locked or un-locked with a turn button from the inside, or a key from the outside, while the passage set is a non-locking set suitable for general passage doors.

The privacy lever lockset in both series features and internal locking turn-button with emergency access from the outside and is suitable for the bedroom or bathroom.

Finally, dummy lever locksets are non-operational door handles that are suitable for wardrobes or closet doors and can be specified in left or right-handed models.