Gainsborough Hardware Industries presents their new range of G Series door hardware with innovative levers, silent locks and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The G series of door hardware features smart and savvy designs that are simple and easy to use and provides a range of styles to suit most home interior designs.

“With an extensive choice of products segmented into clearly defined styling themes, Gainsborough recognises the importance of choosing door handles, locks and accessories designed to suit the style of almost every home,” said Chris Blenkiron, Product Manager Residential for Gainsborough Hardware. The G Series is grouped and packaged into specific categories from G4 to G1 in order to make it easier for homeowners to decide on the right door hardware for their renovation projects.

“The new logo, packaging and brand direction represent one of many steps in the regeneration of Gainsborough.  This exciting re-branding of our product range, under clear consistent brand groups, means we can continue to offer Australians the chance to invite a little style into their home,” said Blenkiron.

The G Series of door hardware is available from Gainsborough Hardware Industries.