Futurewood offers a range of wood composite products including deck tiles. These wood composite deck tiles are manufactured from rice husks and wood flour which is mixed with HDPE, the plastic from old milk bottles.

These deck tiles are constructed from solid wood composite decking boards that are screwed to a polypropylene base. Approximately 1 square metre can be covered with 11 tiles and an individual tile measures 300mm x x300mm x 22mm.

Available in a copper bronze colour, these wood composite deck tiles are ideal for the DIY enthusiast as they are supplied fully finished and are easy to install. The tiles simply clip together and can be laid directly over concrete or other solid bases.

Because these decking tiles are manufactured from composite materials they will not rot and are resistant to termites and white ants. They are also slip resistant and will not produce splinters.

Additionally, thanks to their low profile, these wood composite deck tiles are ideal for balconies.