There are several reasons why eco-friendly wood decking from Futurewood is a much better choice than traditional wood decking. Mother Nature, for one.

While wood is a popular choice of material for various applications, concerns are being raised about the thriving timber industry’s impact on the environment, given that old-growth forests continue to disappear at an alarming rate, and the high cost of many plantations to the environment.

Eco-friendly composite woods, such as Futurewood's CleverDeck solve several of these problems by allowing people to continue enjoying the beauty and warmth of wood without the guilt of worrying where the wood was sourced from, not to mention the impact on the environment from harvesting and transporting the wood.

Outdoor decking products such as Futurewood's CleverDeck are made from recycled cellulose and plastics sourced from industrial and domestic waste, as well as recycled hardwood timbers and rice husks. 90% of materials that go into the production of CleverDeck decking are recycled, resulting in two key benefits: The forests are being saved; and waste, which would have otherwise ended up in landfill is being reused.

Until recently, wood has been the only real option for decking, but CleverDeck's innovation now promises a reasonably priced and practical choice for non-wood decking.

Going beyond the environmental advantages, CleverDeck also offers several functional and aesthetic benefits. Futurewood's CleverDeck doesn't age in the same way as traditional timber decking; CleverDeck won't split, rot, or warp under Australian weather conditions the way timber does; CleverDeck is also resistant to termites, keeping these pests away from the house; and maintenance requirements are extremely low with no need to oil, paint or maintain CleverDeck in any way as it is a stable composite. Although the colour may change slightly over the course of time, it will not fade or look unattractively aged.

CleverDeck offers a simple, cost-effective, low maintenance and environment-friendly solution for all outdoor decking needs.