Composite exterior cladding from Futurewood was specified for the Innova townhouse project in Kew, Victoria. Futurewood products were exclusively chosen to replace the timber products proposed initially for the townhouses.

The architects had initially specified rainforest timber as the external cladding of choice for the townhouses. However, after considering the costs and ongoing effort associated with timber maintenance, the developers opted for Futurewood wood plastic composite cladding.

A popular alternative for external timber cladding products, wood composite plastic delivers a number of benefits by eliminating ongoing maintenance. The use of timber as external cladding for the windows, balconies and fences at the townhouse project would have led to challenging levels of upkeep involving machinery, labour and disruption every year.

Futurewood worked closely with Ducon Construction to manufacture an excellent external cladding solution that featured a custom colour and finish, meeting the expectations of both the architects and the developers for the townhouses. The finished external cladding was delivered to the site in just a few months.

Futurewood wood plastic composite cladding used at the Innova townhouse project also met the architects’ aesthetic objectives with a very similar look and feel to timber, but without sacrificing quality.

The complete Futurewood product range includes weather resistant and decorative cladding, fencing, decking and slatting, all made from 90% recycled wood plastic composite material and presenting a leading sustainable alternative to timber.