Architectural cladding from Futurewood offered a low maintenance, sustainable facade screen solution for the sophisticated Onyx Apartments located in Brisbane's popular West End.

Aesthetically inspired by the neighbourhood’s metropolitan culture, the three-storey apartment building delivers an elegant residential living experience to those who desire exclusivity.

Though the developer BPM Corp reacted positively to the large, timber architectural cladding highlighted in the plans for the facade design, concerns were raised about the practicality of maintaining such a structure. Timber cladding came with the associated costs and commitment of annual sanding, oiling and painting, plus the disruption caused to residents by the maintenance process.

An alternative solution for the timber architectural cladding was sought with the brief specifying the same sophisticated, modern look of timber but in a low maintenance product that not only eliminated the annual oiling but also had to be completely weather-resistant with the ability to withstand harsh heat, humidity and rain.

Architectural cladding from Futurewood was specified as the alternative for the timber cladding. Futurewood architectural cladding is waterproof, resists rot, doesn’t require sanding or oiling, and is produced from almost entirely recycled materials, including wood waste, rice husk and industrial plastic waste.

Futurewood architectural cladding not only delivered an elegant, low maintenance timber-look facade solution but also a material that was sensitive to the environment. BPM Corp was additionally able to save on costs by installing Futurewood instead of real timber.