Futurewood presents an easy-to-install range of deck tiles, perfect as a DIY solution for creating stunning outdoor areas.

Futurewood's decking tiles simplify the whole process of creating a relaxing and attractive outdoor area while also saving on costs. Designed as a DIY solution, the homeowner can simply install the decking without any need to hire a contractor, or put up with days of dust or noise, while the backyard still remains usable for the kids.

Futurewood's deck tiles feature two edges with interlocking pins set underneath the tile, and two edges with loops that protrude from the edge of the tile. These pins and loops click into place easily, allowing the homeowner to convert a tired old concrete patio into a new CleverDeck in the same afternoon.

The surface of the deck tiles is hardwearing and termite resistant, and doesn't rot or fade, staying clean and durable for a long time.

Futurewood’s CleverDeck decking tiles come in two attractive colours for easy matching to the garden or décor. Installation doesn’t require complicated tools or equipment, or even extra clips, nails or glue. All one will need is enough tiles (and matching edging if required) to cover the concreted area while making sure that the area has a fall on it so water will not get trapped underneath.

Futurewood’s deck tiles are made of recycled materials collected from industrial and domestic waste sources, offering an environment-friendly decking solution.