CleverDeck from Futurewood is a low maintenance composite decking solution that eliminates the annual chore of restoring outdoor timber decks.

Conventional timber decking requires an annual maintenance routine to restore it after the cold and wet of winter; the tiresome process involves sanding, oiling or painting, and replacing warped and worn sections. However, there is an alternative to all the hard work.

CleverDeck from Futurewood comes painted in one of five permanent colours – chocolate, mahogany, saltbush, slate grey and walnut; custom colours can be ordered with minimum order quantities.

CleverDeck composite decking is made from recycled industrial waste and some post-consumer plastic waste, wood flour and discarded rice husks, making it a highly environment-friendly decking solution.

Key benefits of CleverDeck decking include very low maintenance; no painting required for the life of the product; resistant to termites/white ants; no knot holes or splinters; no cupping or warping; no splitting or twisting; easy installation; slip resistance; no sap runs or tannin leaching; resistant to rot; and low water absorption.

Thanks to these benefits, there is no annual restoration effort required for maintaining CleverDeck. The no-splinter advantage makes the deck a safer place to walk on, especially for small children.

The only maintenance required for CleverDeck is the regular sweeping and mopping that one does on any floor.