Fujitsu General offers a high performance multi-air conditioning solution for domestic applications. Flexible in design, the AirStage J-series variable refrigerant flow system allows users to choose a combination of indoor units to suit the precise air-conditioning needs of specific rooms.

With a choice between cassette, ducted and wall-mounted units, the AirStage J-series is easy to install to pre-existing buildings. It automatically adjusts capacity to suit the required cooling or heating load of each room by combining a DC inverter scroll compressor with advanced refrigerant flow technology. This enables the 15.2kW outdoor unit to run indoor units of up to 22.8kW – 1.5 times its rated capacity. In this way it achieves superior energy savings and low operating costs.

Using a single phase electrical power supply, the AirStage J-series can connect up to eight indoor units to the one outdoor unit, allowing a home to be cooled more efficiently.

Source: Building Products News.