Fujitsu General has launched a new range of cassette air conditioning systems designed to combine optimum comfort and control.

The feature-packed cassette air conditioning system uses advanced technologies such as the new 4D airflow with Fujitsu’s patented corner airflow design to create a comfortable environment, achieve excellent coverage and help businesses manage energy consumption more efficiently.

The unique seamless airflow design combines a new DC fan motor, seamless air louvre, 5mm high density heat exchanger and high efficiency turbo fan to direct the airflow to every corner of the room, ensuring a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout the space. The cassette unit’s ability to eliminate ‘cold spots’ from the room makes it ideal for installation in any layout.

For added control, users also have the flexibility to set each louvre individually for seamless, customised airflow, based on the specific requirements of the room layout.

Fujitsu General’s cassette air conditioning systems are designed to improve energy management in any facility with features such as an integrated Thermosensor and Human Sensor Control. The intuitive Human Sensor Control detects movement within the room, turning off the system when no movement is sensed and resuming operation when movement is detected.

The new cassette air conditioning systems also include the UTY-RNRYZ1 backlit touchpad featuring an intuitive touchscreen display, built-in Thermosensor and a range of daily or weekly timers. Building managers can set the air conditioner to suit specific requirements of the installation using the controller that can limit the minimum and maximum set points on both the cooling and heating cycles.