The Airstage VR-II VRF heat recovery air conditioning systems from Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Limited offer exceptional design flexibility and are complemented by multiple control options for commercial and residential projects.
The LCD touch panel wired remote controller is the latest VRF control offering from Fujitsu. Capable of managing up to 16 indoor units from a single controller, it allows total indoor unit control from mode setting to temperature setting.
The new LCD touch panel remote control is designed to offer various energy saving and convenient features along with simple operation.
Key features of Fujitsu LCD touch panel wired remote controller:

  • Includes daily and weekly time scheduling features
  • New auto off timer ensures system operation stops automatically to suit the building’s requirements
  • Simplifies compliance with BCA requirement
  • Limits the minimum and maximum thermostat settings on cooling and heating respectively
  • In-built thermo sensor accurately controls the temperature, reducing energy usage and increasing efficiency
  • Clear and simple setting selection and system operation with a backlight option that operates when any part of the screen is touched