Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Limited announces the latest addition to its Variable Refrigerant Airflow (VRF) line-up of air conditioners featuring an ultra-compact high performance design.

The new AIRSTAGE J-II S series VRF air conditioners are suitable for a variety of residential and commercial indoor spaces.

The ultra-compact form comes from a 25 per cent reduction in height when compared with the J-II series models, allowing the Fujitsu J-II S series to be discreetly installed on apartment balconies and in townhouse courtyards. Special features to reduce noise also lower the noise rating by up to -3dB, making the J-II S ideal for residential installations.

The high performance air conditioner also incorporates improvements to energy efficiency, allowing home and business owners to enjoy significant benefits from a host of advanced features such as optimised inverter control, DC fan motor and a compact, high efficiency heat exchanger.

Key features of the Fujitsu J-II S series air conditioners also include Fujitsu’s specially designed DC twin rotary compressor, incorporating a high efficiency compressor motor and optimised refrigerant flow design delivering greater efficiency on all operating loads with significant improvements at part load operation; modified outdoor fan design and a new aerodynamically designed airflow grille increasing the efficiency of the outdoor unit, reducing airflow loss and minimising operating noise; and low noise function further reducing noise.

Engineered for flexibility, the new VRF air conditioning systems are available in three capacity sizes, and the outdoor units can be linked to multiple indoor units. The new VRF range comes with 12 types of indoor units in a wide capacity from 2.2kW to 14.0kW, and also offers a diverse selection of 53 models to suit different needs. A standardised range of individual and central control options meets the needs of any residential or commercial project.

The new J-II S range comes with Fujitsu’s five-year parts and labour warranty for residential installations, and three-year parts and labour warranty for commercial applications.