Residents are now looking to transform some of their clear glass panels into ‘frosted’ glass. They can now achieve a stylish effect with the products offered from Frost & Co Frosted Window Films .

Cathy Gill, Frost & Co Frosted Window Films, was inspired to start the business when she was frustrated with seeing the neighbouring property through her kitchen window. She did not want to hang curtains or blinds on the window, as they are expensive and difficult to maintain. She then discovered a range of frosted films from the UK that are made of high commercial quality, durable, create privacy and yet allows 90% of natural sunlight to filter through.

Frosted films are DIY products that can be easily installed and removed if necessary without causing any damage to the glass. Once installed, the glass panels can be cleaned in the same way as regular glass.

Any windows, glass doors, sidelights, glass tables, glass cabinets and outdoor glass panels can be stylishly transformed to create privacy, improve safety, provide practical solutions or express creativity.