The iota juicer model from Friul Australia is the fastest juice extractor available in the world market as it runs at a 15,500 RPM. This juicer machine can process about 150kg of fruit or vegetables every hour giving a yield of over 60 to 75 per cent.

The iota juicer has a round and central feeding hole of about 67mm diameter, and a self cleaning strainer and blade. The safety closing system in iota comes with integral steel. The entire juicer is completely made from stainless steel. The model has a double shredder disc, where one is meant for the strainer and the other on the food pusher.

The iota juicer can effectively extract juice completely from a pulp. The food pusher in iota juicer model has a cutting disc on the bottom that can hold fruits in place and stops produce from slipping. The other juicers available at Friul Australia include alpha, sicilia and many more models. The construction of a commercial juice extractor is decided to answer to the new dietetical requirements. Friul Australia provides different types of juicers with specific features ideal for fruit and vegetable extraction.