Friul Australia  is the distributor pizza equipment both in Australasian and Pacific regions. The different pizza equipment available includes m44/300 model, combination m44.700 model, rounder, pizza sprint, and m51 heavy duty pizza sprint model.

The M44/300 model of pizza equipment from Friul Australia makes the job easier in dough preparation, customers just have to place the dough inside the dough container and the M44/300 gives the accurate dough portion from the chute. The M44/300 pizza equipment model is safe, simple to use and easy to clean down at the end of the day, and is ideal for casual and untrained staff.

The dough divider in M44/300 model has a single speed 1 HP motor. The M44/300 can work continuously till the dough is present inside the 44kg capacity hopper. The machine stops immediately when the upper hatch or the front door is opened as it has the safety switches.

Rounder is another model of pizza equipment distributed by Friul Australia, is a simple model and is user friendly. The Arrotondatrice in it mixes the dough portions and the bun shaped portion. Rounder models are being used in various pizza chains across the globe. These products are Italian made.