Friul Australia is the Australasian and Pacific importer and distributor of commercial juicers for fruit and vegetable extraction. Friul Australia provides various juicer models such as Alpha, sicilia, lemon sprint, vesuvio, vulcano, stromboli and iota.

The Alpha juicer model distributed by Friul Australia is a powerful juice extractor and does not make too much of noise either. Alpha juicer can process over 220 kg of vegetables and fruits per hour, with a yield of about 65 to 75 per cent based on the fruits and vegetables used for extraction.

Alpha juicer from Friul Australia includes a 85 mm circular feed chamber that is centralised over the blade, this gives a even pressure and the machine provides a longer and life long free maintenance even when it is used on the heavy duty of 1200 watt motor.

The cutter and strainer in Alpha juicer is a one piece as the entire model can be taken apart completely without using any tool during the cleaning process. As for the food pusher, it has a cutting disc on the bottom holding the fruits and vegetables in place.

Sicilia is another type of juice extractor distributed by Friul Australia. The Sicilia is a simple model and is designed to function in the production of a large volume of lemon or orange juice. It is made from a high quality of anodized aluminium body that minimises the sound level.