FRESH Palette Decorative Painting  works with creative intermediaries like architects, designers and interior decorators. FRESH Palette Decorative Painting also works with commercial and private customers in bringing out dynamic and innovative solutions to meet the satisfaction of customers. FRESH Palette Decorative Painting understands that in the current trend, it is necessary to stand out from the crowd and works towards creating a range of logo options or customised artwork that will act as a visual anchor for instant recognition. 

FRESH Palette Decorative Painting has worked with various clients from different sectors. Some of these include Brides of Sydney, Pamela’s Beach House, The Meat & Wine Co Darling Harbour, The Mean Fiddler, Brian Cadd, Andrew Johns and The Great Northern Hotel.

FRESH Palette Decorative Painting reveals the difference between painters and artists is a natural style and sophistication in everything the firm does. The professional team at FRESH Palette Decorative Painting utilises quality materials such as Bristol, Resene, Dulux, Porters, Covered In Paint and Taubman’s products.

Linda Collingridge, director of FRESH Palette Decorative Painting, is an expert in plant and wildlife illustration. She is a qualified artist with an international knowledge of decorative products. She has also conducted course programs for major Australian paint companies. FRESH Palette Decorative Painting provides its services in the  Sydney Metropolitan area, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle.