Franke Australia  provides a diverse range of kitchen accessories such as benchtop waste bins. WB 1000 bench top waste bin from Franke Australia provides an efficient as well as effective methodology of collecting the kitchen waste. These waste bins can be installed in benchtops. WB 1000 bench top waste bin possesses a minimum cabinet width ranging to about 300 millimetres and available in conjunction with container having stainless steel rim as well as lid. This bench top waste bin has a total capacity of about 13 litres. Dimensions of this bench top waste bin from Franke Australia include cut out of about 280 millimetres and depth ranging to about 310 millimetres.

Franke Australia also provides several systems that have been specifically designed for separating the waste easily as well as practically. This company provides Franke Sorter series 700 in conjunction with self pull in system. This sorter system comprises of three containers in combination with cover shelf or storage shelf for efficient storage of rubbish as well as recyclable items. These systems also possess pull out operation thereby suitable for using even as kickmatic system.