FrameCAD Solutions’ FrameCAD Academy provides training in FrameCAD software along with practical frame assembly techniques and manufacturing plant operation skills.

The FrameCAD Academy represents a concentrated learning opportunity and a valuable chance to learn from world leading experts. The training covers two software packages: FrameCAD Detailer and FrameCAD ProDesign.

FrameCAD Detailer is advanced detailing software that allows a steel frame manufacturing operation to design from scratch ready for manufacture, walls, roof trusses or roof panels and webbed sub-floors, or convert an architect’s concept into detailed building design plans ready for manufacture by the Steel FrameMaster manufacturing plant.

FrameCAD ProDesign provides not only design and engineering capability for walls, trusses and sub-floors, but also incorporates full structural analysis complying with numerous international building standards and codes (AS/NZS 4600:1996 or BS5950).